Monday, September 13, 2010

~Quiet in the land~

They that are quiet in the land
(Psalm 35.20)

Enter into Gods chamber, and hide there, and be still.
Be quiet outside~you will then be quiet inside.
Be quiet in spirit
Hide deeper in Him.
He must be real~more and more real

Then God will call us the "quiet in the land"

Get quiet, beloved soul;
tell out thy sorrow and complaint to God.
Let not the greatest pressure of business divert thee from God.
When men rage about thee, go and tell Jesus.
Hide thee in His secret place when storms are high.
Get into thy closet,
shut thy door,
and quiet thyself
Be quiet to get the ear of God

Springs in the valley-Mrs. Charles Cowman
Photo-taken near St. Jacobs Ontario in a quiet field by myself (Deborah)

In the quiet...
Deborah \0/

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