Monday, September 27, 2010

I will be as the dew...

~I will be as the dew... Hos. 14:5~

Wait before the Master until your whole heart
is drenched by Him,
and then go forth in the power
of a fresh,
fragrant life..

Lord, let Your Spirit
drench Your people with dew

With all my heart...Deborah xo

Captured this beautiful rose on my dear sisters
deck yesterday while enjoying the company
of her , her daughter and her first born

Sunday, September 26, 2010

He knew...

Oh how I bless you my God

With all my heart...Deborah
your handmaiden \0/

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Psalms 51

I wanna be brand new...
Only He can make us brand new...
Oh Lord..
Be gracious to me..
Blot out my transgressions..
Wash me..
Cleanse me..
Purify me..
Make me to hear joy and gladness..
Hide Thy face from my sins..
Create in me a clean heart..
Renew a steadfast spirit within me..
Restore to me the joy of Thy salvation..
Sustain me with a willing spirit..
Deliver me..
Open my lips that my mouth may declare Thy praise..

The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit;
A broken and a contrite heart He will not despise.

With all my heart...Deborah \0/
Beautiful prayer sung in worship to God by Stephanie Nelson
who is the sister of Lissa from "Humble Pie" blog .
Go ahead and visit Lissa...she is such an exhorter and encourager and a sweet sister in the Body of Christ. xo

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Im tasting salt

~O n e n e s s ~

there will be such a oneness between us..
that when one weeps
the other will taste salt.
Author unknown

With all my heart...Deborah xoxo

Friday, September 17, 2010

~Because of You...I lack nothing~

"The Lord is my Shepherd,
     I shall not want..."
        Psalm 23:1

I lack nothing when I have Him.
In the winter months I was in awe as I read Roy Lessin open up Psalm 23:1
and I'd love to share it with blessed, be encouraged, be His great love and care for you

With all my heart..Deborah \0/
   (Photo captured by my dear brother David while in Scotland)

The Lord: Yahweh. The Eternal. Jehovah. I Am. The self-Existent One. The God of forever and ever.
Is: Not will be one day. Not someday. Not was a long time ago. Is now, at this very moment—as I draw each breath, as I take each step, as I face each circumstance of life.
My: Not just someone else’s. Not just the pastor’s. Not just the missionary’s. Not just the people in the Bible. Personal God. My God. Knowing me intimately, watching me carefully, loving me fully.
Shepherd: Pastor. The One who tends, keeps, guards, guides. The Good Shepherd; The Great Shepherd; The Chief Shepherd. The One who leads. The One who feeds. Life giver. Care giver. Watching every moment; protecting in every situation; providing every need. Laying down His life. Giving His all. Seeking me. Carrying me. Holding me close.
I: His hand is on me. I am the apple of His eye. I am His beloved. I am His child. I am His possession. I belong to Him. I am in His hands. I am in His thoughts. I am on His heart.
Shall Not: Never! Not once! Not in any circumstance; not in any trial; not at any age. I am certain, sure, persuaded, unmistaken, absolutely confident of His “Yes” to me.
Want:  He is my supply. He is my provider. He is my provision. I shall not be given a stone instead of bread. I shall not come up empty, be destitute, find out that I have been forsaken. In Him, my Lord, my God, my Shepherd, my Pastor, I find no lack.

Monday, September 13, 2010

~Quiet in the land~

They that are quiet in the land
(Psalm 35.20)

Enter into Gods chamber, and hide there, and be still.
Be quiet outside~you will then be quiet inside.
Be quiet in spirit
Hide deeper in Him.
He must be real~more and more real

Then God will call us the "quiet in the land"

Get quiet, beloved soul;
tell out thy sorrow and complaint to God.
Let not the greatest pressure of business divert thee from God.
When men rage about thee, go and tell Jesus.
Hide thee in His secret place when storms are high.
Get into thy closet,
shut thy door,
and quiet thyself
Be quiet to get the ear of God

Springs in the valley-Mrs. Charles Cowman
Photo-taken near St. Jacobs Ontario in a quiet field by myself (Deborah)

In the quiet...
Deborah \0/

Sunday, September 12, 2010

~The Love Dare~

Dare To Love....
My hubby and I are doing the 40-day challenge
to practice unconditional love..
Whether your marriage is hanging by a thread or healthy and strong,
its a journey you need to take...
we've chosen to take it
Love bears all things,
believes all things,
endures all things.
Love never fails
Corinthians 13:7-8

From the movie "Fireproof" comes The Love Dare

With all my heart..Deborah xo
(We're encouraged greatly by this journey)

Monday, September 6, 2010

~I'll meet You there~

Consciously desiring it..
 deliberately planning for it..
  and diligently pursuing it..

   Be still and know that I Am God..

Take me to that quiet place in You, my Lord
 where I meet You in true friendship and intimate communion
Commune with me

Commune with me
 Commune with me
  Between the wings of the cherubim
   Commune with me

I worship You
 I worship You
  Between the wings of the cherubim
   I worship You

                                                                         I'll meet You there
                                                                          I'll meet You there
                                                                           Between the wings of the cherubim
                                                                            I'll meet You there

Deborah \0/              "Commune with me" is a song I heard many years ago and I never forgot
                                   the depths it ministered to my heart ,
                                    and the deep place of worship God brought my heart into through it