Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Jesus ..He loves me

Those were the times that
You carried me...

In His love,
Deborah \0/


  1. Yes Jesus loves me...the bible tells me so. I sing that song alot. A great reminder!

  2. I remember when I told my dying father this....he wept and went with Jesus two days later....

  3. I sang & taught 'that' song to our 5 yr. old grandson Jacob, when he was maybe 16mo. old, he eventually sang that for his parents & brother & sister, they couldn't believe it. He could barely speak well, but he sang JESUS LOVES ME real well, & didn't miss any words. So 4 yrs. later, i (we) still sing that together at nap time, 3 afts a wk. with his grandparents. I (grandma) sing that to him, almost immediately he falls asleep, or he might sing it with me, first.
    About 2 yrs. ago, i found a little boy praying music box that plays JESUS LOVES ME, at a 2nd hand shop. He loves it....so that song is 'very special' to him & I.

    Warm HUGS from Toni


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