Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What a Friend, such a Friend

When we lift up our eyes to Him...
We are reminded of just how dear of a Friend He really is.

ALL our sins and griefs to bear ..
 it is to carry
  to God in prayer.

Are you struggling with any of these things ...
C O M E ...
and take them to the Lord
in prayer.

 This was a card I had bought many years ago...
just because I loved what it said,
and how beautiful it was.
I framed it, and through the years it became lost among the shuffle,
until I found it again, or perhaps, it found me....
I pinned it on my  memory board 
and hung this beautiful cross on it, which was given
to me by a dear friend.
The cross was actually a book marker but it has found its home here...that I might be reminded of its meaning daily. Too beautiful to be tucked away in a book.

When my Lord recently lifted my eyes to Him in a time of pain,
my eyes and the eyes of my heart fell upon this card once again,
He whispered about the needless pain that I bear
and the peace that I forfeit..
when I do not  c a r r y  everything to Him in prayer.
O Lamb of God I come...I come

In the Beloved...Deborah \0/


  1. Beautiful dear friend. I like the new look of your blog...I'm guessing you are using the new blogger interface. I haven't switched over to it yet. I like all the white, of course. :) I've been going through a tough few months but the Lord is hiding me ever deeper into his beautiful side. Abided in Him knowing I belong and matter. His peace surpassing. {hugs}

  2. So very beautiful. Isn't our Lord amazing and truely such a friend.
    Thanks for sharing this, I needed it. By the way I love the song playng.
    Have a great day.

  3. Thanks for sharing Deborah....... Some days are easier then others but when all seems to much to bear, the pain, the stress, the burdens, it is so comforting to be reminded that He is our friend and Comforter who wants us to lay it all at His feet!

    Love & Blessings

  4. Thanks for this, Deborah. What a great, great reminder we so easily forget. And, I love the look of your blog!!!


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