Friday, February 25, 2011

Held Close

He Holds You

God never leaves you alone...

He never forgets about you...

He looks out for you and takes care of you.

You are more important than the birds

He feeds and provides for.

Trusting Him means to rest in Him

as your shield, your covering, your provider,

your defender and your friend.

It means freedom from worry, anxiety and fear.

It means peace to your mind and joy to your soul.

Come to Him; He is waiting...

Lean on Him; He is strong...

Talk to Him; He is listening...

Depend on Him; He will never let you down.

He holds you within the hollow of His hands

to keep you keep you safe...

to deliver you from all your fears.

Roy Lessin
from his book "From Gods heart to His hands"
Photo: My Momma and her great grand daughter Chloe

Deborah \0/

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