Wednesday, July 7, 2010

~His Name~

Your Name is as ointment poured forth

Painting by D. Dicianni

Deborah \0/


  1. What a beautiful place you have here...I have been looking for this very poster and low and behold you post it. God is AWSOME!!! Thanks for posting this great reminder.

  2. I also see that you love some of the same authors that I love. :D

  3. Hopefully this comment will take...if you get two from me it's because the first one did not take.

    I see you have met my sweet daughter in-love Jessaca.
    I did not know about this site...don't know why, but so glad I found it.
    The peace of God is here!!!

  4. I love all the names God has! I often need to be reminded of all He is. Thanks for your comment. Hope you're having a wonderful weekend. :)


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